SAMD Wayne Pumps & Dispenser Distributor.

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Available in the following configurations:
1-Product 2 Hose; 2-Product 4-Hose;
3-Product 6-Hose; 4-Product 8-Hose

Mechanical Pumps & Consumer Pumps
Mechanical pumps Series 702 and 161DH, with Wayne's global experience, provides you with the most advanced technology and the most proven hydraulic components, all in a robust galvanised sheet steel casing.

Designed for Adverse Environments
Century G1000 has been designed for operation in adverse conditions, including where power cuts are a frequent occurrence and manual pump operation is required as a result of this. All units are supplied with an Emergency Hand Drive.

Avialable in The Following Model Configurations
1. Suction pumps or dispensers fro remote dispensing
2. Normal Flow Rate, High Flow Rate or Super High Flow Rate
3. Single - 1-Product 1-Hose
4. Duo - 1-Product 2-Hose
5. Duo2 - 2-Product 2-Hose
6. High Flow Rate: 70 to 80 litres/minute
7. Super High Flow Rate: 130 to 150 litres/minute
8. Flow Indicator
9. Hose Mast
10. Volumetric Mechanical Computer - litres only
11. Full Mechanical Computer - Volume and Money
12. Flexible Stainless Steel Connector
13. ¾ HP Single Phase Electric Motor