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Colibri Tank Gauging


The Colibri tank monitoring system offers the performance you need in one compact enclosure. One-third the size of an average tank gauge, Colibri is easy-to-use and mounts anywhere providing easy-to-read, accurate information.

The user-friendly Colibri tank gauging monitoring system features a full color LCD display and touch screen, making interactions easy-to-read, responsive and hassle-free. Communication with Colibri is clear and uncomplicated with a globally accepted icon interface and multiple language settings. Other performance features Colibri tank gauging provides include multiple alarm supports, Ethernet access and remote access capabilities.


The Colibri tank monitoring system gives you the power of accurate reliable information concerning your underground or aboveground tanks. From the comfort of your office, laptop or mobile device you can be sure that the Colibri monitoring system is protecting your business.

The Colibri tank gauging system provides real-time fuel inventory, density measurements and delivery reports to give you timely and accurate information. The power of the Colibri tank gauges extends even further by constantly tracking your fuel stock, comparing data and checking for discrepancies in your system through autocalibration and reconciliation.


The Colibri tank monitoring system helps you protect the environment, your profits and peace of mind. This highly accurate system protects from ground leaks and lets you know exactly how much fuel is delivered, saving you from lost fuel, soil contamination and clean-up expenses.

Two forms of leak detection help protect your fuel inventory: Static Leak Detection performs tank tests while a station is closed, and Statistical Continuous Automatic Leak Detection (SCALD) constantly monitors your tanks for leaks, even at sites operating 24 hours a day. Water intrusion alarms provide immediate notification of the presence of water in your tanks. Colibri's protection and alert system make sure you always know the status of your fuel inventory.


The Colibri tank monitoring system combines the power of information, reliable performance, and environmental protection to maximize the value of your facility. With the Colibri tank gauging system you can:

* Know the exact amount and quality of your fuel inventory
* Access inventory remotely
* Prevent fuel loss with Static and SCALD leak detection
* Receive accurate delivery reports and density measurements
* View information you need on a full-color LCD touch screen
* Save space with the compact yet performance driven Colibri tank gauge
* Relax with automatic fuel level alarms
* Eliminate potential human error